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Hi, welcome to Fogata.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency

Committed to create solutions for the business world. Our goal is to keep your organization at the lead evolving with the top trending tools in the market. We make sure your company has visible and driven presence in the digital world.

ServicesWhat we offer


We develop 360 marketing strategies based on your organization needs


We create digital content for any requirement. Graphic Design, Web Design and Audiovisual Solutions

Mobile + Web

We develop Websites, Web Platforms and Mobile Apps. We also offer any required maintenance and training

Social Media + Bots

We have the tools to enhance your presence in the digital world through social networks. We are on the cutting-edge technology of Social Bots

Search Engine Optimization

We design and implement campaigns to increase your organization visibility for new clients in Search Engines and Social Media

Fogata Business

We make sure that your platforms have a customer service with 24-hour immediate response and vital statistics for real-time decision making

Digital Transformation

We specialize in integrating your company's services and processes into the digital world, your clients will get the benefits of instant, accessible and secure information.

NowHow we do it


Our team performs a systematic analysis of your brand, social networks, SEO, differentials and values. Once we get the evaluation, we offer a custom-designed digital platform and strategy.


We develop the digital strategy, design the visual concept and implement the optimal technological platform to achieve a great impact on your target audience.


In order to obtain your desired performance, we provide a consulting service with follow-up and control focused in efficient platform use.


We analyze, update and innovate your digital processes taking into consideration statistical indicators and relevant insight from your clients.
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Business Intelligence

All in one OnLine Software

We develop our own software for support, customer service and Business Intelligence. We use self-managing bot technology on the most relevant communication channels. We make sure you have 24-hour immediate response and vital statistics for real-time decision making.



Learn and get our digital platform for automated response of cutting-edge technology. It creates your customer flow communication and it is custom designed for your Website, Facebook and Twitter.


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